Corporate Design, Redesign, Identity

favorite things. conceives, designs and implements Corporate Design Systems, Redesigns and Identities. Modular design, these can be further developed and supported in the long term, by arrangement of course.

Optimum coordination of the visual design for all means of communication. Rules governing the use of the logo, lettering, fonts, images, colours and materials to generate Identity and Continuity.


  • Logos
  • Word trademarks


  • Typography and layout concepts
  • Image concepts
  • Colour concepts


  •  Corporate design manuals


  • Correspondence
  • Business cards
  • Stamp


  • Websites


  • Image brochures
  • Annual reports


  • Presentation templates


  • Packaging


  • Internal and external lettering
  • Vehicle graphics


  • Orientation systems
  • Signage
  • Project presentations
  • Exhibition design
  • Trade fair stand design
  • Infographics
  • Mapping
  • Flyers
  • Cards
  • Posters


favorite things. Corporate Design

favorite things. Web

favorite things. Logos/Word Trademarks

favorite things. Flyer/Posters



Editorial Design

favorite things. conceives, designs and implements solutions for editorials tailored to suit the most varied of requirements – for unique publications and periodicals, as a hardcopy or online.

favorite things. prepares your content with great care and accentuates them in an optimal way through their skilful use of typography, images, graphics, colour and space.


  • Periodicals
  • Magazines
  • Information brochures
  • Image brochures
  • Annual Reports
  • Documentation
  • Newsletter


favorite things. Editorial




favorite things. conceives and designs websites for a wide range of content and requirements, either in the context of a corporate design project or as an individual website. Conceptually and technically sound solutions are developed in close cooperation with web professionals that optimally combine the functional benefits, readability, searchability on the net and creative ambitions.


favorite things. Web




favorite things. specialises in colours and treats the phenomenon of colour as an important design element – whether as the original colour sample, as an element of a corporate design, packaging or website.


  • Colours cards
  • Fandecks
  • Colour concepts


favorite things. Colour



Book Design

favorite things. works in close cooperation with the publishers, authors, printers and other stakeholders in developing design solutions for all kinds of different books. Their professional handling of the page layouts, font, typography and micro-typography, images, illustrations, paper as well as the detail features, come together to convey the content in the best way possible and ensure its optimum readability.


  • Non-fiction books
  • Exhibition catalogues
  • Monographs
  • Artist’s books
  • Cookery books


favorite things. Books




favorite things. designs packaging and develops packaging designs by working together with specialists.

In the case of the graphical design on a product’s packaging, the combination of functionality and product information with the design elements of the corporate design (of the brand) plays a central role.


  • Containers
  • Material sample boxes
  • Food packaging
  • CD covers
  • Colour sample boxes
  • Colour sample tubes


favorite things. Packaging